Thursday, February 24, 2011

Wedding celebrations in February

Every day in February feels like Valentines Day... especially when participating in weddings!
We had the pleasure of donating a wedding package to a lucky couple at the San Diego Botanical Gardens' special event "An Evening of Romance in the Gardens". Many different catering companies, and other wedding companies showed up to support the SDBG in unveiling their new wedding ceremony area.

We had such a wonderful time and our DJ Randy played a fantastic mix of music throughout the night and was complimented repeatedly on his selections and MCing abilities in keeping the evening flowing.

By the end of the evening, after it was dark, the tunes got a little more danceable and before you knew it there was party going off on the dance floor!!! We had grandmothers, married couples, single guys and gals, and even some of the local vendors cut loose and danced the night away. We absolutely love what we do and it showed that evening.

Thank you to all who participated at the event and We'll be posting more images of the event on our blog soon.

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