Thursday, February 10, 2011

Paradise Point January 2011

The bride and Groom were whisked away for a short photography session immediately following the ceremony and it was clear to see that these two lovebirds were head over heels for each other.

Our team of professional photographers are amazing at blending a modern feel with a classic touch.

The vibrancy of the colors can only truly be captured with top notch wedding specialists like Our Eternal Wedding

What a privelage it was to have been a part of the wedding of Kandi & Rady! It was truly a delight to have been able to provide our DJ, Photo and Video services for this beautiful couple.
*special note: The groom had prepared a special musical number which he sang along with all the seven groomsmen harmonized as back up singers.
Lighting was phenomenal the Our Eternal Wedding team enchanted all the guests with their award winning room decor.

On behalf of OEW we wanted to give a shout out and thank Kandi and Rady for such a heartwarming experience.

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